Currently, we provide two main forms of support:

Shamanic Readings:

  • These usually last up to 1.5 hours and are given via telephone session or a summary report provided by email (with the client's full consent and in the strictest confidence)

  • This also includes a full back–up service

Coaching Sessions:

  • Most sessions are conducted over the telephone, each lasting around 1 hour

  • Usually a minimum of 6 sessions (weekly or fortnightly) is suggested for the client to make a significant shift

  • A Coaching Agreement is ratified by both coach and client via email before coaching begins. This is NOT ‘binding’ and the client is free to withdraw from the process at any time


Codes of Practice

Coach–Client Relationship:

  • While we take responsibility for our role as Holistic Life Coaches very seriously, the client has to take responsibility for their own recovery process or goal achievement

  • This is the only way to true and lasting healing and fulfilment

  • Trust must be established between coach and client, and clear boundaries maintained. The coach is there to provide guidance and support – NOT to “cure” – while the client will need to work on their own issues and goals throughout the process

  • It is our aim to guide the client right through their healing process or goal achievement – or to the point where they feel they no longer require any further support


  • Basic records are kept of any Shamanic Readings we have performed

  • Once coaching begins, records are kept of each client's history and progress

  • All records have to be maintained for up to 5 years for insurance and auditing purposes

  • All records (paper–based and electronic) are kept strictly confidential and in line with the Data Protection Act

  • Further details around record keeping are provided to clients when we first embark on the coaching process

Ethics & Good Practice:

  • We aim to maintain the highest standards of ethics and integrity at all times

  • The coaching process is always a collaborative effort between coach and client, where honesty, ownership and clear boundaries are essential from both parties

  • Equality & Diversity: Soul Warrior Life Coaching is committed to the full and complete recognition of equality, irrespective of a person's background (e.g. religious, cultural, sexual orientation)

  • We follow the Code of Ethics of the Association for Coaching