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Welcome To Soul Warrior

We provide specialised Holistic Life Coaching, incorporating the use of Shamanic Techniques & Readings. This is based on our own unique experiences, as well as gaining appropriate qualifications and professional status.

Soul Warrior is a Free Voluntary Support System - providing coaching and guidance aligned to your Soul Lane.

Our primary focus is helping: 1) People who are experiencing mental health and emotional issues (from moderate to very severe). 2) And those who wish to achieve specific lifetime goals and dreams.


This site is for you. It is designed for those who feel they are facing “insurmountable obstacles”, particularly in terms of their mental–emotional state. It is also for people who need that next level of expert guidance to help them reach their full potential.

We do NOT promise “cures” and do NOT replace conventional therapy where such therapy is required – our approach is to be complementary. But we DO promise to give you a chance to find a way out of your mental pain, or any other life obstacles you may be facing. Perhaps a chance that has remained hidden to you up to this point – where you have felt there is no way out, misunderstood, or maybe where any support you have received so far has been insufficient in helping you resolve your issues.

What We Do

Soul Warrior Life Coaching is a novel blend of various coaching techniques and vast experience of self–healing – culminating in the soul.

The support we provide primarily comes from a spiritual perspective. A key focus is placed on the soul's journey. We view the soul as a person's “inner–spirit” or “higher consciousness”. This is particularly experienced or felt when all the internal and conditioned thought–patterns (or ego) have been seen for what they are, understood, and brought to a place of integration and peace. However, this can be easier said than done, particularly when such thought–patterns have become stuck or obsessive (like in anxiety states, depression and OCD), and possibly when this has then turned into a form of mental unwellness.

This is where Soul Warrior Life Coaching comes in. To help people clarify and understand the nature and reason for their current condition or life situation, and how these can be viewed as “signals” to what is required to get them back in touch with their true being. It is during this process that the client's soul warrior is born – that self–empowerment which will become their inner–guide for life.

A key pillar of our teaching and guidance is thought–limitation. Here, we carefully show clients how thought/ego – which underpins many mental health issues – is in fact limited (no matter how intense or severe it may become). Once clients gain an understanding into this truth, they are able to view their condition or issues from a new vantage point, and begin to move towards a place of healing.

We incorporate traditional Life Coaching Methods (e.g. GROW model, reflexive questioning, CBT approaches), together with the use of Shamanic Techniques & Readings.


Professional Status

We have Full Professional Indemnity and have been accepted by the Association for Coaching (AC) as a Full Member.

So if you feel ready, please continue to navigate your way through this site and begin your journey into Soul Warrior Life Coaching. Please also kindly ensure you have read our Disclaimer. Thank you.

Contact Us

For a FREE telephone consultation please contact justin on Tel: 07950 202 872 or use our Contact Page.