Through working with our own coaches over the last decade, as well as acquiring appropriate training and experience, we have gained enormous insight into Holistic Life Coaching. This is an approach that uses traditional life coaching skills but encompasses holistic approaches such as whole person integration, intuitive guidance and shamanic techniques.


A key emphasis is on a deeper exploration than what is found in traditional life coaching. Here, the client is guided to explore the “roots” of their issues – usually coming from their ego and past conditioning – leading to an integration of ego and soul. This is the essence of true wholeness.

And it is during this process that the client finds out about the Soul Warrior. That place within them that will guide them on their road to recovery, or towards any life goals they may be pursuing.


Related to this is the way the client “thinks”. Quite often we fall into addictive thought patterns, which are the basis of most obsessions and anxiety or depressive disorders. Such thought patterns can also be the cause of obstacles and resistance we may face when trying to achieve certain lifetime goals and dreams, or indeed deal with many of life's other challenges.


These thought patterns – which are related to our ego – need to be carefully observed, understood, seen for what they are, and eventually released, leading to this full integration of the whole self.

A cornerstone of our unique approach is teaching clients about “thought–limitation”. This involves guiding people to see for themselves that their thoughts/ego (no matter how extreme) are limited and NOT the whole of who they are.

Once a person has been able to reach this point of understanding and integration within themselves, then they are more likely to be able to develop a peaceful and aware mind – operating from that place, rather than from a place of fear and addictive thinking. This leads us back to the truth of who we are, where we can finally learn how to be kind to ourselves.

What is the potential of embarking on such a journey?
A life of inner freedom